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We specialize in organising trips for people who mostly want to travel independently but through lack of language, expertize and/or time want to avoid the often difficult task of organising guided tours and finding suitable hotels. Intitour lets YOU decide the exact level of organisation that suits your needs. We can organise all flights, hotel/airport transfers, bus/train transport, tours and hotels OR just hotels and/or tours.

We work in the following way:-

1. You decide the dates and places of arrival and departure in South America and the places you want to see.

2. We draw up an itinerary that meets those criteria. We will advise you if you seem to have too much or little time in any given place.

3. You revise the itinerary and make whatever changes are necessary.

4. Depending on your preferred style of travel, for example you can choose private or group tours, we will offer you appropriate tours and hotels and let you know the costs.

5. You revise the costs for the trip and then add/subtract things or raise/lower the level of accomodation.

6. When you're comfortable with the costs, we make reservations and confirm all costs.

7. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, electronic transfer of funds to our bank account in the US or Australia or
by major credit cards, however there is a surcharge of 2% for Visa or Mastercard and 3.2% for Amex

9. We then send vouchers and tickets to you.


1. You have the enjoyment of planning your trip the way YOU want it.

2. You will be travelling independently with assistance only when YOU want it.

3. As your transport, tours and accommodation are all prepaid you don't have to worry about carrying large sums of cash or travellers cheques. All you need is sufficient money for food, drink and souvenirs.

4. You will not waste time trying to negotiate prices for hotels and services in a foreign language.

5. You can be assured that what you have paid for is exactly what you will get as we only use operators that have demonstrated their reliability over our years of working with them.

6. The owners and sales people that make up Intitour, Rick and Wendy...that's us!!, have spent ten years living in Chile and have travelled extensively within South and Central America. We speak very good Spanish and so deal directly with the operators in South America. If any problems were to arise we can call them directly to quickly solve the problem.

......send us an e-mail outlining your plans!!!